Digital Literacy

In the digital age, it is imperative to be proficient in commonly-used software to even be considered at-par with the global skill level expected from professionals. Specifically, in developing countries like Pakistan, enabling access to the digital realm results in a positive-feedback loop whereby persons becoming digitally literate subsequently gather more knowledge, information and skills, which in turn contribute again to their level of digital literacy – the circle goes on.

The Centre for Law and Technology has created a consolidated material database which can be used by instructors, tutors or even the pupils themselves to enhance their working knowledge on digital resources, online resources and commonly-used software. The value which these consolidated resources provide are free to use by the public in general and the beneficiaries of the digital literacy program are not restricted to students of the Ziauddin Faculty of Law.

The Centre’s vision for digital literacy is to utilize relevant material – as the saying goes- straight from the horse’s mouth. Therefore, the Centre has utilized material created and curated by Microsoft itself to give direction to the digital literacy program. Moreover, our in-house tech experts have recorded a series of lectures on making digital systems accessible to new users. These bilingual lectures introduce users to computers, digital systems and important software, to immense success.

The idea is to make technology accessible, to facilitate the democratization of technology, and to ensure that the Centre’s beneficiaries have core professional skills which are required to be successful in the 21st Century.

Here are the modules of Microsoft’s digital literacy program:

Course 1- Work with Computers

Course 2 – Access Information Online

Course 3- Communicate Online

Course 4- Participate Safely and Responsibly Online

Course 5- Create Digital Content

Course 6- Collaborate and Manage Content Digitally

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