Objectives Resolution – A Barrier or Promoter for Human Rights in Pakistan?

On April 6, 2021, the Ziauddin University Faculty of Law, the Ziauddin Centre for Human Rights and the Ziauddin Student Bar Association conducted a webinar that aimed to shed light on the Objectives Resolution of Pakistan, and discuss the state of the minorities residing in the nation.

The webinar titled ‘Objectives Resolution – A Barrier or Promoter for Human Rights in Pakistan?’ was moderated by Syed Muaz Shah, Director of Centre for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, Ziauddin University and included guests such as Professor Dr. Martin Lau, Noman Asrar, and Dr. Hafiz Ikram-ul-Haq.

The discourse conducted by these intellectuals revolved around the historical journey of the country dating back to 1900, the vision of the democratic Pakistan based on the principle of Islamic social justice, the history of objective resolution, and the situation of minorities currently residing in Pakistan. Events like this are essential to ensure all students are aware of the history of the nation and understand the turmoil that caused the Partition.