Symposium on Personal Data Protection & Big Data Analytics

On 19th March 2021, the Ziauddin Faculty of Law hosted an event that aimed to forever change the lives of the attendees for the better. Focusing on digital privacy, the symposium titled ‘Personal data protection & big data analytics: Too little, too late’ organised by the ZFL Centre for Law & Technology was an eye-opener for everyone present.

The discourse that took place at the event focused on explaining how essential data protection is and the measures that can be taken by individuals and the government to safeguard one’s data. To ensure digital privacy is provided to the citizens of Pakistan, students of ZFL Areeba Iqbal and Alishba Fazal with Aly Hassam-ul-Haq, director at the Centre for Law & Technology, have been working on introducing pertinent points to the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2020,

After a look into some critical laws that need to be introduced to protect everyone’s data, the symposium moved on to an interactive session on Big Data Analytics between Haq and Rajiv Pardhan from the organisation Love for Data.

Overall, the event was not only a feather in the cap for the Ziauddin Faculty of Law, but also proved to be informative and useful for many of the audience members who were unaware of data breaches and how their personal information was being misused.