Dean's Message


At Ziauddin Law we believe lawyers have a special responsibility towards society. We find new ideas, combine theory and practice, and incorporate ethics, professionalism and integrity into everything we do.

Ziauddin Faculty of Law, Politics & Governance aims to enhance the strength, integrity and dynamism of the legal system and the rule of law. We are determined to contribute to the fostering of the principles of equality in our society by striving to create a law community that is itself diverse, and sensitive to the diversity related issues in our society.

We aim to proactively assist in placing students on the path to success in a wide range of possible careers. Our close proximity with many law firms, corporate and IT sector, NGOs and medicine, enable us to give our students a broader and enriching experience. As such we are able to bring in a wide range of adjuncts to teach specialized courses, which further strengthen our ties with the legal community, and often create internships and job opportunities for our law graduates. At Ziauddin Law, Politics & Governance, we take seriously our obligation to help prepare our students to make the choices that will lead to a more productive and satisfying way of living.

On behalf of our students and faculty, I am pleased to invite you to consider Ziauddin as excellent place to study law and to make lasting relationships. It would be my pleasure to meet with you personally to explore how we can prepare you to become a successful Lawyer, or more generally, the many opportunities to serve others with a law degree.

Hope to see you soon.

All the best,

Shaaista Sarki