Bachelor of Laws LL.B.

Ziauddin Faculty of Law, Politics & Governance offers a five-year undergraduate degree programme leading to Bachelor of Laws LL.B.(Hons.)  Following are the details:

Sr. Categories Electives within the major Credit Hours
1. Compulsory Requirement (No Choice) 10 – 10 28 – 28
2. General and Foundation Courses 10 – 10 29 – 29
3. Discipline-Specific Majour Courses Including Research/Internship 36 – 36 110 – 110
4. Electives within the major 04 – 04 12 – 12
TOTAL 60 – 60 179 – 179
Total numbers of Credit Hours 179
Duration 5 Years
Semester duration Semesters 16-18 weeks
Semester 10
Course Load per Semester 16-18 Cr Hrs
Number of courses per semester 5-6


LL.B.(Hons.) programme is divided into five academic years; each year comprises a number of modules related to subject-specific information, in accordance with PAKISTAN BAR COUNCIL and HEC recognised curriculum.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility/ Pre-requisite for admission: FA/ FSc/ A-levels

Admission to Ziauddin Faculty of Law, Politics & Governance, for a five years LL.B.(Hons.) the degree programme is open to all individuals who meet the selection criteria. Given the Government’s recent decision to pass all Matric/Intermediate students, applications are accepted but are subjected to, passing of LAT (conducted by HEC) and interview conducted by the Ziauddin University.

Selection of students is on the basis of an admission policy approved by the Governing Body of Ziauddin University, which is in line with the regulations of Pakistan Bar Council and HEC.


To Inculcate in students a broad understanding of the social, political and economic contexts within which the Pakistani and global legal system operates.

To Equip students with knowledge and understanding of the fundamental doctrines of Law.


Application Fee PKR 5,000
Admission Fee PKR 30,000
Security Deposit PKR 25,000
Student Fund PKR 1,500 (Per Semester)
Tuition Fee PKR 200,000 (Per Semester)
Examination Fee PKR 11,500 (Per Semester)
Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) Registration Fee PKR 3,000

Note: Any additional taxes imposed by the government will be the liability of the students/parents/guardian.

The University reserves the right to increase the fees if required according to the recommendation of the Governing Body.

Advance fees to be paid semester-wise. All dues need to be cleared within two weeks of commencement of the academic year. 2% surcharge per month will be levied on outstanding fees after the due date.